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Volunteering & Sign-Ups


Volunteers are needed during the school day on a regular basis. All parents/guardians will be asked to complete a minimum of ten (10) hours of service at or for the school. View the Application for Volunteer Service form and the Volunteer Guidelines and Agreement (pdf). Families experiencing a major illness or hardship may request an annual waiver from the Principal.  Adults who volunteer unsupervised with the students must have a SLED background check, which can be ordered online ($10 fee) at this link.  The entire policy can be read HERE.

Scroll down this page for Frequently Asked Questions.

Calling All Parent / Family Volunteers!

Sign Up Now!

Any time you are looking to RSVP for a PSA event, you can go to and search for the PSA events using the volunteer email address, Please let us know if you can help with these ongoing assignments:

» Lunch Workers:  

PSA relies on volunteers to serve lunch.  Free and reduced lunch is picked up by a volunteer around 11:45 am each day.  The volunteer then brings the lunches to PSA.  Lunches from Food For Thought are also handed to students.

» Front Desk Help:  8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

  • Answer phones, sign in students, sign in volunteers, make copies, file etc.
  • Greet parents and visitors

Please contact us with what job you will do so that we can make sure that we have all jobs covered. Thank you ahead of time for all of your hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many parent volunteer/participation hours do I need to report each year?

Each family’s commitment should be a minimum of ten (10) hours per year. Don’t stop at 10! Continue to count and report your hours beyond 10. Many grant applications request information about parent participation / involvement.

2. If I have more than 1 child attending PSA, how many hours do I need to report each year?

Each family’s commitment is ten (10) hours per year, five hours per each additional child with a maximum of 20 hours per family.

3. When’s the last day I can record my hours for the current school year?

The annual recording period for parent hours will be from June 1st to May 31st. The 10 hour minimum time commitment must be met by May 31st each year. This allows time for the Parent Participation Hours Recorder to record the logged hours received and to distribute Parent Hours Notification letters before the last day of school.

4. What if I reported my hours after the May 31st deadline?

Time earned after the May 31st deadline should still be tracked/recorded, as it will count toward the following year. Also, in certain situations, these hours can be counted towards the current year – please contact the Parent Participation Hours Recorder via email at:

5. In what time increments can my hours be recorded?

Hours can be recorded in 15 minute increments:
• 15 minutes are recorded as .25 hours
• 30 minutes are recorded as .50 hours
• 45 minutes are recorded as .75 hours

6. When and how often should I record/report my hours?

When:  It is recommended you record/report hours soon after working them. Please make every effort to participate throughout the school year rather than waiting until the end of the year when time may be short and volunteer opportunities sparse.

7. Can hours be transferred or given to another family?

Hours may not be transferred or given to another family. However, Volunteer hours can be donated by a child’s parent, guardian, foster parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle.

8. Aside from volunteering, what are some other ways I can earn hours?

Everyone is encouraged to contribute their 10 hours through volunteering, but if you are unable to meet the 10 hour commitment, hours may be purchased/or donated at $20.00 per hour. Volunteer opportunities will be varied, enabling parents to perform them at home and/or school, taking in account parent’s different talents, schedules, and family situations. Donation of goods, meaning donated items requested by the school/or teacher’s wishlist (not including the start of year basic supply list), will also count toward the purchase of hours (dollar for dollar – $20 worth of donated items = 1 hour).

Examples of Approved Activities:

  • Donate items requested by the school/or Teacher’s Wish List: $20 = 1 hour
  • Homemade Food Items requested by the school / Teacher: 2 hours
  • Pre‐approved/arranged Classroom Volunteer (including field trip chaperones): Time Worked
  • Attendance at PCA Meetings: Length of Meeting attended
  • Attendance at Board Meetings: Length of Meeting attended
  • Committee Work or Related Meetings: Time Worked
  • Communications (phone, email, etc): Time Worked
  • Fundraising Event Planning & Event Work: Time Worked
  • Teacher Workroom/Copyroom Help & Home: Time Worked
  • Cutting Grass / yard work:  Time Worked
  • Work Days on campus:  Time Worked
  • Testing Monitors:  Time Worked
  • Lunch Help:  Time Worked

9. Do parent community service hours count toward the parent volunteer requirement?

No.  Students are asked to do community service (which can include volunteering at PSA), but parents are asked to volunteer at or for the benefit of the school itself.

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When does this requirement become effective?

  • January 6, 2014

Who needs to complete this background check?

  • Any volunteer whose duties place them in the presence of students or interacting with students and who is not under direct and continuous supervision of a staff member
  • Any vendor, worker, event sponsor, etc. who is working within the building during or after school hours and who is not under the direct and continuous supervision of a staff member
  • Any coaches, assistant coaches, carpool drivers, tutors or others who are in direct contact with students in association with any PSA activity

Who does NOT need to complete a background check?

  • Any guest speaker who will be in the presence of a teacher during his/her entire presentation
  • Any volunteer whose duties do not require that they come in contact with students or work on the PSA grounds

Why was this policy established?

  • This policy is part of our ongoing effort to establish a safe school environment for our students and staff, protecting both their physical safety and the safety of their possessions.