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⇒  Advisory / House Meeting period will be held from 8:30 – 8:45 am this academic year. It is not mandatory to attend the house meetings but highly recommended.

⇒ Pick up / Drop off procedures – click here for map visual aid (pdf)

  • Parents should follow all traffic patterns and instructions from Traffic Officers and PSA personnel who are supervising drop-off and pick-up.
  • Before 8:40 am, the front parking lot is open to PSA personnel parking, student parking, bus drop off and pick up, and parents who are coming into the building for school business only.
  • All parents dropping students off should enter and exit via the stop light at the corner of Dorchester Road and Cross County Road.
  • Parents should drop off students in the right lane of the loop ONLY. The left lane of the loop should remain open during morning drop off for flowing traffic.
  • After 8:45 am the loop will close to traffic and all arriving vehicles will need to go through the parking lot throughout the school day until it reopens at the end of the school day.

Morning drop off: All early option students should be dropped off by the front door. All other students will be allowed in at 8:15 through the back gym doors. If the temperature is below 45 degrees or it is raining, we will allow students into the gym early. Otherwise, students will need to wait until 8:15 am. If you need for your student to get here earlier and would like for them to be inside, we have our QUIPS program. It is $100 for the semester.
For afternoon pickup, there may be cones across the lanes until 3:30 pm if the PE class is using that area. If there are no students out, you are free to move those cones. If we have students in the area, please wait until the teacher or administrator moves them out of the car loop area.

1. Carpoolers should line up in the front parking lot using the middle and farthest lanes. The flow for the front will be counter clockwise, middle lane going south, back lane going north.
2. For all other car riders, we will use the same process as last year in the back but we will double up in the FAR back lane. This will require everyone to be cautious and courteous as we alternate each lane as you approach the pickup side. The left lane on the pickup side is only for departing families who have already picked up their students (no pickup in the left lane).

As before, the Schoolwheels buses will be the only vehicles using the closest lane in the front of the school until after 4:00 pm.

Please do not use the front lane closest to the building until the buses leave. Please do not park in areas not designated as parking spaces to wait for your students.
In the late afternoons, we ask that all students be in the front of the building after 4:15 pm. Only students who are part of an after school activity, with a supervising adult, can be in the building after 4:15 pm. We want all students to be safe. We are unable to ensure the safety of unsupervised students who are still here after 4:15 pm. Again, we ask that after 4:15 pm, any student waiting for a ride should come to the benches at the front of the school.

⇒ Check Out Procedures

Now that we are in our great new and much bigger building, checking your students out is taking longer than before. Please allow some extra time (about 10 extra minutes) for us to find your student and for them to get out of class, go to their lockers and get to the front office. If you know you are going to get them early send in a note in the morning and we can have their card ready and at least know where they are when you get here. We still cannot call them out of class until you arrive at school, but we will at least have the process started.

Also, if you are planning on checking out your student towards the end of the school day, do so before 3:20 pm to help the process go more smoothly. The last 15 minutes of the day are very chaotic at the front desk.

New parent / family FAQs (includes carpool interest sign ups / lists)

⇒ Parents – be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter, which is the primary way we communicate with our families. Old issues can be reviewed here on our website.

HOURS:  All students are welcome to enter the building starting at 8:15 am each morning. Students who are taking the early option classes may enter at 7:15 am. QUIPS, our early study hall, is available to all students from 7:15 am – 8:15 am. There is a $100 per semester charge for this option. Classes begin promptly at 8:45 am and end at 3:45 pm. Students who arrive after 8:45 am are marked tardy. If you need to sign your student out early, please make every effort to do so before 3:15 pm. Students must be signed out after Noon in order to receive credit for daily attendance. Attendance Tips for Parents [pdf]

After – Care is not planned for this year.

⇒ If you are interested in bus service – click here!

Schedule / Calendar

In general, for 2016-2017, we follow the Charleston County School District calendar and emergency closing/delay schedule. If Charleston County makes changes to its calendar after we have set our dates, we reserve the right not to adhere to their changes.  Although PSA follows the Charleston County School District calendar, we will NOT adhere to their early dismissal days, due to the fact that we do not have free bus service. For 2017-2018, PSA will set its own calendar dates (start, end, breaks, etc will not necessarily match any of our surrounding counties).

Handbook / Policies

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