Congratulations to our Odyssey of the Minds Teams! They will be heading to the World Championship!




To promote interaction among the students at PSA, the school is divided into seven“houses”. The house system at PSA emphasizes community service, academic integrity, and friendly competition to enhance the spirit around the school. Several of our houses hold fundraisers for various causes.  The seven houses at PSA are:

Breaulano (advisors Brogan, Hughes, Mitchell and Taylor)
Marzosett (advisors Woods, Limina and Hudgens)
McHaddock (advisors Craddock, Harris and Ruth)
McLordorf (advisors McQuatters, Loar, and McAllister)
Rienmeard (advisors Scott and Reese)
Stoigtley (advisors Drew, Ragland, Voigt and Moseley)
VanHakton (advisors Sullivan, Hakamiun and Gadsden)