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Testing in May

Our standardized testing has started here at PSA. Please make sure your child is on time and has a good breakfast!


SC Pass 
SC Pass 8th grade
SC Pass 7th grade
SC Pass 6th grade
End of Course – EOC
5/19 Algebra 1
5/22 English 1
5/25 US History

Congratulations PSA! USA World and News Report Ranking!

US News and World Report High School Rankings 2017

Out of 22,000 High Schools assessed across the country

PSA is

  • #6 in the state
  • # 183 among national charter schools
  • # 1225 among all schools reported

Earned the Silver Medal for being in the top 10%! (top 6% actually)

How they determine the awards:

  • STEP 1 | Students perform better than expected in their state.

We looked at reading and math results for students on each state’s proficiency tests and then factored in the percentage of economically disadvantaged students, who tend to score lower.

  • STEP 2 | Disadvantaged students perform better than state average.

We compared each school’s math and reading proficiency rates for disadvantaged students – black, Hispanic and low-income – with the statewide results for these student groups and then selected schools that were performing better than their state averages.

  • STEP 3 | Student graduation rates meet or exceed a national standard

We excluded schools from consideration if their graduation rates were lower than 75 percent – a threshold that is higher than a federal law that requires states to give extra resources to schools below 67 percent.

  • STEP 4 | Students are prepared for college-level coursework.

We calculated a College Readiness Index, which is based on the school’s AP participation rate and how well the students did on those tests. Tiebeakers were used to determine ranks of schools that achieved the same College Readiness Index.

School Calendar for 2017-2018

The school calendar for 2017-2018 has been approved and can be found below.

2017-2018 PSA Calendar -Official

Tim Talks - Relationships and Acceptance

Please enjoy this latest Tim Talks video.