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PSA is open to all South Carolina students who are eligible for 6th – 12th grade. Our next Open House is Jan 31 at 10 AM. Apply today!

What is Gifted

Gifted individuals are those who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude (defined as an exceptional ability to reason and learn) or competence (documented performance or achievement in top 10% or rarer) in one or more domains. Domains include any structured area of activity with its own symbol system (e.g., mathematics, music, language) and/or set of sensorimotor skills (e.g., painting, dance, sports).

Why Gifted Education

The needs of gifted students go beyond the standard classroom activities. It is difficult to generalize gifted students because of their characteristics which are personal and unique to each student. This group of students has an increased pace in which they learn and complete work, they learn more rapidly, exhibit a greater depth of understanding concepts, need time for in-depth exploration and investigation, and ask challenging questions.

We’re Hosting an Open House

Sat. Dec 6 at 10:00 am
Thur. Dec 18 at 6:00 pm
Sat. Jan 10 at 10:00 am
Thur. Jan 22 at 6:00 pm
Mon. Jan 26 at 6:00 pm
Sat. Jan 31 at 10:00 am

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The Study of Inquiry and Concepts

The curriculum at Palmetto Scholars Academy is designed to meet the needs of the gifted learner. It is inquiry-based and concept centered. Gifted students gain a better understanding of facts when they are presented using a problem-solving approach. They need exposure to more high quality content, conceptual understanding, questioning and research at higher levels of thinking. Below are listed some of the curricular programs that support this philosophy.

The math program used in all grades at PSA is Connected Math.( It is an investigation of mathematical ideas embedded in problem situations. It requires a shift in thinking from the norm that is more demonstration/practice/evaluation to an emphasis on inductive thinking and problem-solving.

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Our Campus

PSA is operating at the Old Navy Base, an urban revitalization area in North Charleston at 2415 Avenue F.

This site is centrally located in the tri-county area, making it convenient to the largest number of students. The Navy Yard is also home to high tech businesses and the other well-known educational institutions and the Clemson Restoration Institute.

Soon we will be breaking ground on a new “state of the art” campus. PSA has been selected by Joint Base Charleston to be the first charter school in SC (eighth in the US) to be located on a military installation (PSA is scheduled to be located at the Hunley Park sight across from the Charleston AFB).

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Parent Community Association

The PSA Parent and Community Association (PCA) is a volunteer organization which exists to support and enrich the academic and community life of the students at Palmetto Scholars Academy and to aid the faculty, staff and administration of the school in carrying out their work. We do this through sponsoring extra-curricular activities, financially supporting teacher and student requests for small purchases, and coordinating volunteers. We conduct fundraising events to make this possible. Some of our past activities include:  kick-off picnic / ice cream social to start the school year, formal dances for the High School kids, pancake breakfasts, bbq dinners, talent show / silent auction.  We have purchased equipment for the science classrooms, furniture for the school, sponsored many events (or provided up-front money needed for the event) and keyboards/software for the music program. Read More »

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charleston-post-and-courier-subscriptionPalmetto Scholars Academy received an Absolute Rating of “Excellent” and a numerical score of 100 on the 2012, 2013 and 2014 SC School and District Report cards. PSA was one of only seven schools in the tri-county area to score a perfect 100 in 2013.

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